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For partners

Who we are.

Buddy TM (Anyway Digital LLC) was established in 2018 as one of spin-offs of Osvita Educational Information and Advising Center established in 1994. We are ICEF accredited agency. Currently there are three company offices in Ukraine - Kyiv, Cherkasy, Dnipro.

What we do.

We offer a full range of advising services regarding selection of the educational programs that best fit pursuits and abilities of the prospective student as well as admission requirements, standardized testing, and visa application procedures. In addition to assistance with admission to Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs all over the world, we offer internships for students and young professionals in 20 countries, language courses for children and adults, in-service training and certification programs, secondary education, and university pathway programs.

What can we do together.

Based on mass digitization of businesses and transfer of classical business from in-person to online, Buddy founders and management made a decision to promote the company and attract new clients mainly through the Internet.

For this purpose, our HR-department professionals spent several months to fill in positions in the digital marketing department. They used international digital marketing tests to select highly-specialized professionals for the job.

Talking in more detail about the promotion marketing strategy will take at least several hours and a lot of paper, so here we just summarize the main tools and directions in which we will promote the company and attract new clients.

  1. Seo-optimization and the main website promotion: regularly buying links on trusted resources to bring the website to the top search positions in organic requests such as Studies abroad.

  2. Daily thematic posts on education abroad on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram that attract new subscribers to the groups, and these subscribers are later converted into incoming requests through targeted advertising, while our sales department professionals convert these requests into sales and deals.

  3. Weekly information videos on the company’s Youtube-channel that involve the company’s employees as well as special quests from international educational institutions.

  4. Thematic in-person workshops. We are broadcasting them live on our Youtube channel with an interactive option (live Q&A).

  5. Mass promotional emails to school graduates and future applicants before each event, such as a workshops.

Please, contact us for common online or offline events: info@buddy.com.ua